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Distance sensor with LED matrix display on Arduino Nano

First things first, the end product can be viewed here: Parts Arduino (Nano, Uno, whatever fits your need) with a power source HC-SR04 distance sensor MAX7219 based 8×8 LED matrix display 9 connection wires Wiring Lets start with the 8×8 display: VCC to Nano 5V (white) GND to Nano GND […]

1602 LCD

1602 I2C LCD display on the Raspberry Pi

So you want some output from your RPi without an actual display attached?   One of the cheapest solutions is to get a 16×2 or a 20×4 (ie 1602 or 2004) LCD display. You can get versions that have a I2C backplate or just the actual display with 16 connectors. […]